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Buenos Pistol

2007 Stallion

Sire: Docs San Dee x Doc's Dee Bar

Dam: My Pepperbox Pistol x Too Much Pepper

For Sale: $7000

The Pretty Boy/ Pretty Buck opinion

If you had asked for my opinion, I would have said that Pretty Boy was the common factor in the building of today’s cow horse industry. Granted, Poco Bueno became the king, but if so, then Pretty Boy is the kingpin. Many of you may even ask, “who was Pretty Boy?” for he has remained years without end the silent partner.

Let’s look at some of the greats from the 1960’s era, that have become the source of the greats today. Poco Tivio, Poco Lena, Poco Pine, King Fritz, to start with. Of course the first two were full siblings, but that says something about consistency. They were sired by Poco Bueno and from a little nondescript bay mare named Sheilwin by Pretty Boy. Look at Poco Pine, also by Poco Bueno and out of another Pretty Boy daughter, Pretty Rosalie.

King Fritz on the other hand was by Power Command, by King and thereby a half brother to Poco Bueno. The dam side was also a half sibling, sired by Poco Bueno and out of Mary Jane W..... a daughter of Pretty Boy. The Fritz name did not stand the pressure for popularity for long and was swallowed up by the term Chex, as in Bueno Chex.

So where does Pretty Buck, come in at or from? Obviously a Pretty Boy son, and named Buck for his color. His dam was by Buck Thomas, a Peter McCue/ Waggoner mare cross.

Cutting horses have always been my heart throb. You will see that as you peruse the pages of this website. My other heartthrob has been the lower, right hand corner of a pedigree. You will also see that here. If a horse is not strong there, it either never comes here, or will not last the heat of reality here. So to test my theory on today’s cutting horse leaders, let’s look at the top contenders of today, and their bottom right pedigree corner. My humble opinion.

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