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Young Guns Kitty

Scootin Young Gun

2004 Stallion

Sire: Smart Lil Scoot x Smart Little Lena

Dam: Young Guns Kitty x Young Gun

In April of 2002, my wife Lise, and I hauled four mares to Texas for breeding. Most especially was Young Guns Kitty, that had won Canadian Open finals, and also Reserve Yearend Champion in the year 2000. We had shown her a little in 2001, turned down an offer of $70,000 for her and were determined to raise some quality foals from her rather than to waste her genetics in a Canadian show pen (low financial return). 

So we had purchased a breeding for her to Highbrow Cat at $6,000US (by the time we used it, it had gone to $8,000 and in 2008 was $22,000) and on the day in question had delivered the mares to the respective stallion stations. Noticing the rush and the emptiness about the yards, we asked what was happening and learned that they were getting off early to go to the Spring Spectacular Finals that evening in Fort Worth.

Well it didn't take long to get us focussed and into the Will Rogers Coliseum. And there we saw Smart Lil Scoot become the highest money earning stallion son of Smart Lil Lena. It doesn't take near as much for a gelding to rack up a pile of winnings as it does a stallion, with breeding duties and all that testosterone flying around. And so we witnessed a memorable event, very similar to the one you will see as you watch this clip of Smart Lil Scoot winning the NCHA Classic Challenge in 2002. The night of the Super Stakes which we saw, the decision was made that the next service Young Guns Kitty would receive would be from Smart Lil Scoot.

Scootin Young Gun is the result of that evening and of that later service.

Scootin Young Gun is also the last foal from Young Guns Kitty as she succumbed to the ravages of EPM (possum disease) soon after foaling him.  A devastating loss for us but we go on with her legacy though him.

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